IMPACT is a Coordination and Supporting Action structured around four general principles:

  • to be stakeholder-focused in all its phases;
  • to provide Supporting Measures that could be easily generalised and reused;
  • to advance the state of the art in cross-cultural research and improve emergency prevention and management across all European countries;
  • to validate, disseminate and exploit its outcomes so as to benefit European Institutions and Public Organisations.

To achieve these principles, the project is organised in 7 work packages (WPs), each of which is then structured into tasks.

WP1 Psycho-Social and Cross-cultural Theoretical Framework of Crowd Behaviour and Management states the theoretical basis of the project, integrating cross-cultural socio-psychological studies with crowd analysis and management and operational requirements from the transport domain users.

WP2 Behavioural Modelling, Simulations and Results builds the models and software tools that will be used as a basis for the various Supporting Measures developed in WP3 Cultural Risk Assessment, WP4 Cultural-based Emergency Communication Framework and WP5 Cultural-based Training Framework.

WP6 Coordination Initiatives is dedicated to coordination and networking activities with Stakeholders across Europe, to spread of best practices identified during the project and to assess and generalize the research results with them.

Finally, one package relates to Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation (WP7) and one is devoted to Project Management (WP8).

IMPACT has a duration of 30 months, lasting from May 2015 to November 2017.