Panel discussion on Multi-Cultural Crowd Behaviours

Short summary of the talk:

A literature study by IMPACT on evacuation across cultures has shown that between existing social science theories and the experience base of evacuation incidents, there is still a gap. One way of mediating such a gap is to build a model that shows how a particular hypothetical evacuation unfolds, as a living hypothesis. Gert Jan created such a model. He will show it in action, and discuss with the audience which parameters are of influence for the speed of evacuation and the incidence of trampling, and how these parameters could be related to cross-cultural theory.

Short bio:

Gert Jan Hofstede is a population biologist turned computer scientist, then expert on human behaviour across cultures. He uses interdisciplinary methods such as agent-based models that allow to ‘grow’ the dynamics of the systems he studies. Those models show how the results of collective behaviour are often unintentional and surprising. You can find him at or