Panel discussion on Culture, Transport & Security Policy Design

Description of the talk:

Jacques Zachmann will speak on: Culture and Human factors in Transport Infrastructure to invite for a discussion on the topical issue  of Transport security and crowd management. Main points of reflexions are: What is /could be the role of Human factors in the design of a crowd management policy? Which variables should be used to represent Human Factors, culture patterns?

Short bio:

Jacques Zachmann is a senior expert in Transport Security . He has been responsible for Land Transport Security at the European Commission, DG Transport and mobility; developing European Strategy and Policy on a range of security matters for the road and the rail sectors. Previously he has been an EC and national official (France – Conseil de la Concurrence) active at DG Competition , DG Industry -internal market in  anti trust cases (cartels enforcement, merger control,) and at DG research and development (work on models and data basis).  He has taught at Université Paris- Dauphine, Law School of Atlanta,  Law School of Montpellier .  Jacques is MA  (Neoma Business School) , and DS from Université Paris Dauphine.