Expected Outcomes

IMPACT is expected to deliver the following outcomes, customised for inter-modal transport hubs:

  • Outcome 1: to produce a cultural risk assessment methodology and the associated mitigation actions (in terms of response to identified cultural behaviours) for the public transport hub sector.
  • Outcome 2: to develop agent-based computational models to simulate and validate cultural behaviours models and cultural-specific communication solutions.
  • Outcome 3: to identify innovative solutions that can support public transport operators in improving the communication with passengers through dedicated messages to the different cultural groups (via mobile phones and social networks), and other solutions to enhance the management of emergencies, considering cultural aspects.
  • Outcome 4: to develop dedicated multi-lingual Computer-Based Training (CBT) material and procedures for both public transport operators and first responders.
  • Outcome 5: to develop and disseminate best practices and policy recommendations for policy makers, regulators, municipalities and public transport operators.

The integrated framework developed within IMPACT will strongly support the achievement of meeting the needs of various cultures during disaster and emergencies, in accordance with the call of the Work programme H2020-DRS21-2014.