IMPACT brochure on final results

IMPACT brochure on final results

We’ve just released a brochure illustrating, in only seven pages, the main final results reached by IMPACT.

In its 30 months of activity, IMPACT has analysed the role played by socio-cultural factors in managing safety and security issues related to emergencies in public transport systems. The project has also analysed and proposed methodologies and solutions for cross-cultural emergency prevention and management.

The brochure presents first of all the theoretical framework developed within IMPACT, which describes key elements of cross-cultural and psycho-social crowd behaviour in transport terminals in routine and emergency situations.

Then, it illustrates the innovative approach used to validate the results of the project: an agent-based computational modelling used to perform the behavioural modelling and simulations of the cross-cultural crowd behaviour in transport hubs.

Finally, it details the supporting measures suggested by IMPACT:
1. The cultural-risk assessment, which identified and analysed existing standards or best practices on generic emergency management in order to derive mitigation measures for specific cultural clusters in the areas of first-aid and long-term health care, communication, training and awareness, and signage.

2. The multicultural communication guidelines, developed for improving security operators and first responders’ situational awareness and intercultural competences in all phases of an emergency.

3. A cultural-based training package, starting from the assumption that transport hubs operators deal daily with people who speak different languages and have different habits and beliefs. The IMPACT training package is a general introductory course aiming at raise awareness about the importance of cultural competence in daily working situations.

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