1st External Stakeholders Group workshop

1st External Stakeholders Group workshop

The 1st IMPACT External Stakeholders Group workshop was held on the 24th of November, 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Vrije University Campus.

The ESG is composed by safety and security experts of different relevant stakeholder organizations from different transport domains. Its role is to steer and review project activities:

  • Supporting the identification of relevant issues and definition of emergency scenarios
  • Evaluating and assessing IMPACT Supporting Measures
  • Supporting the dissemination and adoption of IMPACT outcomes in the domain

The workshop opened with a brief introduction illustrating IMPACT and the challenges it addresses. A presentation of IMPACT Review and Critical Analysis of Multi-Cultural Crowd Behaviour in Emergencies followed.

Then, the experts were engaged in several group sessions to discuss key topics in the area of transport public safety and security. The objective was to collect experts’ views about current needs, gaps and requirements related to emergency management, and about possible multicultural issues that may occur in large transport hubs during emergencies. Views expressed during group sessions will be taken into consideration by IMPACT for both data-collection activities and the development of the supporting measures, thus influencing future strategic priorities of the European Commission on these areas.

The workshop was also key occasion to collect experts’ views on the initial version of the IMPACT Safety and Security scenarios, which will be used to refine and expand them.

IMPACT 1st ESG workshop